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Why do I exist?

The promise to stakeholders is to perform as a business or business unit. The main objective of business is to have the “effect” of delivering the promised customer value, results or desired performance. This is however only possible if there is integration between the “effort” of people and the “efficiency” of systems and processes of the organisation, aligned towards the business vision and strategy – what we call the dance of integration. Our customised solutions are designed from this vantage point to bring alignment between desired intent and performance impact.



What do I have to offer?

In 21st century organisations, we look to leadership to do so much – to provide strategic clarity, individual mentoring and growth, lead change and engagement, promote diversity and inclusion, manage stakeholders and much more! The key, however, is relationships – in teams, departments, the organisation and other stakeholders. Our interventions aimed at identifying critical stakeholders and aligning their effort towards a common vision. In the process ensuring value realisation for all.



Why do I feel so lost?

The most recent trend in Neuroscience implies that there is a link between how people experience different events in the organisation and the impact these collective experiences have on the choice of behaviour and engagement resulting in the culture. The work of David Rock, supports this theory in which it is suggested that the human brain perceive the work environment as a social system where all the threats are identified. If people are constantly in a state of fight or flight, the organisation will develop a culture characterised by aggression (fight) or passiveness (flight). In cases where this phenomenon plays out, there cannot be an organisation of engagement, as people will always be in a survival mode. Typical behaviours in survival mode include mistrust, blaming, poor performance and misalignment. With our Culture Reboot workshops, we ‘re(brain)’ the way teams interact with one another resulting in a culture of engagement.



Why am I not achieving success?

Are you uncertain about the future, how to prepare, plan and lead in these times of change? You are not unique! The challenges and opportunities for individuals, organisations and society have changed forever. In the words of management guru, Tom Peters “this is not your parent’s world”.

If you feel like this, we are in a position to assist you with our well researched, up to date and practical change navigation solutions. You can either sharpen your own skills with our “GOT’it” program or alternatively opt for a resource consultant with extensive change navigation capabilities to navigate your change initiative.



We can help

Strategy Alignment
Top Down Bottom Up Approach
Align the team with the strategy
Partner Relationships
Mediating the Differences
Performance and Accountability
Culture Reboot
Re(brain) the Organisation
Rehabilitate the culture
Change Navigation
``GOT'it`` Approach
Rehabilitate the culture



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