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Module 1: Purpose & Design

The Hero’s Journey is a reflective and experiential online course presented over three modules. Module 1: Purpose and Design consists of two Chapters.

Chapter 1: Purpose, is aimed at creating awareness in individuals with regards to purpose, meaning, significance, and legacy. This chapter introduces purpose as the ultimate universal question – why am I here?

In Chapter 2: Design, we have been born with certain predispositions that need to be developed into unique characteristics so that our purpose in life can be realized. Everything we are is because of our purpose. In this chapter, individuals are guided to explore what their unique gifts are and how it links with purpose.

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Module 2: Filters & Feelings

Following on Hero’s Journey Module 1, is Module 2’s Chapter 3 & 4 continuing with the growth journey.

Module 2: Filters and Feelings consists of two chapters, expanding on the quest of self-discovery.

Chapter 3: Filters, elaborates on how our traumas in life shape the thought patterns of our neural network.

Chapter 4: Thinking and Feelings, provides a neural map of how these thought patterns and beliefs shape our day to day decisions and choices. Leaving us feeling either discontent or empowered with our lives.

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Module 3: Decisions & Destiny

Following on Hero’s Journey Module 1 & 2, is Module 3’s Chapter 5 & 6 taking the growth journey to the next level.

Module 3: Decisions and Destiny is the last module containing the final two chapters of this life-changing experience.

Chapter 5: Decisions

Chapter 6: Destiny

This last module of Hero’s Journey is where the journey becomes exciting. The individual chooses to be the self- discovering individual who became more self-aware or becomes the real hero who is brave enough to create an action plan to live their real purpose and destiny.

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Supportive Ethics Module

Following on Hero’s Journey Module 1, 2 & 3 we consider some very important ethical matters.

How should we live? What shall we aim at? Is it happiness that is important, or knowledge or are our values most important? If we choose knowledge, will it be our own or sharing knowledge with all? What are our obligations, if any, to the generations of humans who will come after us and to the nonhuman animals with whom we share the planet? We are faced with many questions like these when we make important life decisions. The Supportive Ethics Module pose a philosophical view on the everyday crossroads we are facing.


Module 1: Change Fundamentals

The Programme is aimed at providing you with the competence to plan and implement change at group, team and organisational level.

In a world where change is inevitable, we want you to move from “GET IT TO GOT IT”. By this, we mean that you, like so many others, need to be equipped to deal effectively with change and its challenges.

In this Module (Change Fundamentals) we cover three Chapters.

Chapter 1 will provide an overview of the challenges facing people, the organisations they work in and society in general. The aim is to provide the “WHY” to change navigation.

Chapter 2 will outline the capabilities, the typical role players in change and the competencies these individuals need to ensure successful navigation.

Chapter 3 concludes this module with an overview of the change theories and models’ scholars and practitioners use in their endeavours to navigate change.

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